Earth Overshoot Day 2021

How to #MoveTheDate 

The year has come to a sudden end – at least in terms of resources. July 29th 2021 marks the day where we have consumed and used all ecological resources and services that the Earth can regenerate in that year. The later this day arrives the better we have managed our resource consumption. This year’s resources will be consumed three weeks earlier than last year, with the main drivers being an increased carbon footprint and deforestation(1). 

A more positive insight: Since the world was locked down in 2020 a new understanding of climate protection emerged. Global Research Institutes such as GWI show that 70 percent of consumers said that reducing their own impact on the environment was more important since the pandemic.(2) People want to take action in order to live more sustainably, but they can’t do it alone. So, here is a bit of inspiration with different resolutions for a more resource-conscious year in 2022 that can help to collectively #MoveTheDate. 

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(5) GROHE offsets unavoidable CO2 emissions through two compensation projects: a hydroelectric power station in India and a borehole maintenance project in Malawi which are based on extremely stringent criteria, such as the Gold Standard, developed under the aegis of the WWF: Here, in addition to avoiding CO2, the measures also contribute to a more sustainable, ecological and social development within the projects’ environments.

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