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Retail Sales Training

In our Retail Sales Training, our Sales Training Manager Fredric Gustafsson provides you with tips and tricks on how to achieve a better sales performance. In six episodes, you will learn how to have valuable conversations with your customers in order to maximize the potential.


In the first episode, Fredric Gustafsson gives an introduction to his training and highlights three opportunities that offer potential to increase your sales results. Enjoy watching!

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Contact Phase

In this episode, Fredric Gustafsson presents the contact phase of each selling process. He introduces how to make a good impression at the first approach. What are the first things to say to a customer and what would be better to avoid?

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Evaluation Phase

This episode is about finding out what the customer really needs. Fredric Gustafsson points out the biggest mistakes and guides you through the secret of asking open questions. 

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Solution Phase

In this episode, Fredric Gustafsson explains the solution phase of a sales pitch. Instead of getting lost in the details of the product, this phase is all about selling its benefits to the customer. What can the product do for them?

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Closing Phase

This episode answers the question on how to close the deal. There are many ways to make the customer buy the product, so in this video, Fredric Gustafsson presents 4 general rules to keep in mind while closing. 

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Additional Phase

This final episode is about upselling and cross-selling. Fredric Gustafsson gives you additional insights into how to maximize each customer purchase and how to use closed questions to your advantage.

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