Code of Conduct

LIXIL Group Code of Conduct

The LIXIL Group Code of Conduct serves as a guideline for obligatory behavior at LIXIL, and thus also at GROHE. It is largely identical in meaning with the previous GROHE Code of Business Conduct and hereby replaces it with immediate effect.

Adherence to this LIXIL Group Code of Conduct helps in enabling us to live as a worldwide compliance culture, to achieve a “One LIXIL” and, irrespective of where we work, to act on a common basis both within the company and in our interactions with customers, business partners, regulatory agencies and communities.

This Code of Conduct identifies and illustrates behavioral standards for conformance to certain legal or corporate policy obligations – exactly as the GROHE Code of Business Conduct has done until now.

Examples include:

  • Social responsibility vis-à-vis marketing, product quality, human rights and employment

  • Competition

  • Financial integrity and relationships to business partners, elected representatives and officials, the public and the media.

The integrity of LIXIL, and thus also of GROHE, thereby go hand in hand.