Would you like to save energy and do something good for the planet?

Create symmetry and harmony in a sustainable bathroom

In nature, symmetry is all around and is beautiful. Humans crave symmetry and order, and as a result, normally position and start the water flow of the bathroom faucet with the lever positioned in the middle.

As satisfying as this is from an aesthetic point of view, for ordinary faucets this is the “mixed” position that draws unnecessary warm water to the basin mixer, even though we often only need cold water.  Just think about when you use the faucet first thing in the morning to clean your teeth. 

This may seem like a small affect, but over time it makes a big difference in the cost of energy for the bill-payer and for the environment.

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The intelligent combination of energy saving and effortless water control

The solution

GROHE Energy Saving (ES) faucets have a middle position where only cold water is demanded. The lever can only move left from its middle cold position – so the user will not draw unnecessary warm water.

In cold-water mode and positioned mid-lever, the Energy Saving technology springs into life. This eliminates opening the faucet in the mixed hot-and-cold water mode, saving energy by avoiding the unnecessary heating of water for daily rituals like cleaning your teeth or washing your hands.

GROHE Energy Saving technology not only offers a unique smoothness of operation, but also encourages responsible management of energy and water.

Traditional lever function
Energy saving lever function

So how much can you save?

When combined with the water-saving function, the cold-start technology offers substantial savings potential. In a four-person household, a conventional washbasin faucet with a flow rate of 8 liters per minute leads to costs of €489 annually. In contrast to this, a water- and energy-saving faucet with a 5-liter flow enables cost reductions of €207, while a faucet with a 3.5-liter flow can reduce costs by as much as €292.* These impressive figures show how a reduced flow rate saves not only water but – by lowering hot water consumption – also energy.


A sustainable upgrade for the bathroom

The SilkMove ES technology from GROHE is employed in various faucet lines, such as the classic GROHE Eurosmart, which enjoys great popularity in bathrooms worldwide. The new version of the EuroEco series also combines minimalistic contemporary design with environmentally conscious functions. It is the first faucet to offer cold-start technology in a version with a side-positioned control lever, thus providing an even broader range of faucet design options. 

Two clients share how GROHE has helped support their own corporate sustainability goals

Eden Hotels, Netherlands

Cold Start
Cold Start

Leon Dijkstra

CEO Eden Hotels

As a third-generation Dutch family-owned business, we have been looking after guests and colleagues for almost 75 years. This is only possible when you have the future and best interest of all stakeholders constantly in mind. With our hotels we want to significantly lower our footprint. In other words: our goal is to become a carbon neutral company. To realise this, we have gathered all the necessary information on what is technically feasible, which we will implement where possible and sensible. We concentrate on water, energy and of course, reducing waste as much as possible. When renovating the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam, we wanted to reflect Rotterdam’s energy and renewal and therefore chose to refurbish with as many sustainable options as possible. We know that guests often use more water whilst staying in a hotel compared with a home, but we did not want to compromise on their enjoyment during their stay. We therefore chose to install GROHE ES energy and water saving option to help us continue on our sustainability journey and deliver at the same time the best guest experience. Our objective is to make our hotels “A Home for you. For us. For always”.

Heimstaden Residential Property Managers

Cold Start
Cold Start

Blazej Pietrzak

Strategic Purchaser for Heimstaden

To Heimstaden, sustainability is the only way forward – it is a core strategic pillar, integrated in our operations. We aim to be a sustainability front-runner when it comes to society contribution, inspiration, and enrichment. Our sustainable mindset goes beyond creating sustainable homes and neighborhoods. The GROHE ColdStart ES energy saving products not only reduce the amount of energy and water that one uses in their bathroom or kitchen. In the long run, it means also that the overall cost of ownership decreases and gives all of those fantastic communities an opportunity to save money while enjoying our friendly homes.

Consider our Energy Saving Portfolio for your next project? Which one is your favourite?

* This example calculation is based on the following parameters: a four-person household with 5 minutes’ use of the washbasin faucet per person daily. The cost calculation is based on the following estimate: an energy cost (electricity) of €0.29/kWh and a water cost (not including wastewater) of €0.002/liter. GROHE gives no guarantee for the correctness or accuracy of the results, as the calculation of the water and energy costs depends on the consumer behavior and technical installations on-site.