A Drop of ...

“A Drop of …” invites you to join us on our journey to different regions around the world. Catch a glimpse of how architecture influences our lives and how it changes from place to place.

How does architecture effect our perception of a city or region and how is local culture reflected in buildings? How are creatives influenced by their environment, background, and experiences? Where do they find their inspiration and ideas?

GROHE X accompanies Alessandro Preda, a renowned architect and member of the American Institute of Architecture, on his search for inspiring sources and places. Living in New York city – the so-called “big apple” – different cultures and architectural influences inspired him to further explore the roots of creative ideas in design. Travelling allowed Alessandro to understand the power of architecture which mainly influences the way in which we experience a place as a whole.

Come along and discover how design and architecture are shaping up around the globe. Join Alessandro and see the world of architecture and design through his eyes. Take a deep dive into the non-conventional stories of inspiring people that he meets on along his road. Discover the true essence of local culture and design projects that are breaking conventions.



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